Tribeca Canning

finding food a second life.






Tribeca Canning traces its roots to an evening in late 2013, when Remi Gendron served as the private chef for a dinner party. After roasting several bunches of carrots for a dish, he was left with a pile of leafy tops that would have otherwise gone to waste. Rather than throw them away, Remi put the tops in a blender along with a select few other ingredients and our carrot top pesto was born. The guests loved the unique flavor profile of the sauce and the added benefit of eliminating food waste. Remi continued making small batches of the pesto in his parents' TriBeCa apartment for several summers until Welles and Robert joined the team. Sharing a common goal of creating quality sauces that address the problem of food waste, the trio formed Tribeca Canning in early 2016. The journey to finding food a second life has begun!